OSN™ Active Guard Probiotic Solution: Harvested From Nature, Perfected By Science

By Wanita Nicol

The OSN™ Active Guard Probiotic Solution:
Harvested From Nature, Perfected By Science

The mountainous Kibi Highlands region at the centre of Okayama prefecture in Japan is a lush, green area where a network of natural rivers feeds the rich soil. It’s here, in this picturesque location, that the fermented plant extract (FPE) used in OSN™ Active Guard is produced.

More than seventy species of natural plants, fruit and herbs are used in the production of OSN™ Active Guard. These are carefully selected, because you need high-quality ingredients in order to produce a high-quality product.

Only seasonal ingredients are harvested, but because of the complex and delicate balance of plants used in the fermented extract, the harvest season lasts all year long, with different plant species being harvested at different times of the year. Harvest time for each plant species is carefully planned according to when its nutritional content will naturally be at its peak.

By working in harmony with nature, there’s no need to bolster the product with artificial ingredients. The benefits you get from OSN™ Active Guard are purely natural, based on the age-old Japanese art of medicinal fermentation.


Visiting the Kibi Highlands is like taking a trip back in time to when great care was taken to produce products of the highest standard – and even if it took 3 years long to ferment, the quality of the end product was worth the wait. The quality is the reason why the OSN™ Active Guard is still on the market more than 20 years in Asia now.

The ingredients that went into each dose of OSN™ Active Guard hat you take were ground using an ancient stone mill technique in order to ensure that the health properties of the enzymes and other ingredients were not destroyed by the heat produced by modern-day grinding machinery.

Once the plants have been ground, they go into the fermentation vats, where natural brown sugar and spring water from the Okayama region are key in creating a product that is natural, carefully made and has maximum effectiveness.